My Summer Camp 我的夏令营

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On my summer vacation, I went to the Shanghai Best International English Village.

Maybe somebody will ask me, “Why did you go there?” I will tell them, “Because I think it is the best! And now, let me tell you something about the village.”

In the English village, I saw so many foreign people. They were our teachers. We became good friends. Every day, we had different teachers to study with us. We often played games and all the games were interesting.

My favorite teacher was an old woman. She always wore a pair of glasses. She was fat, but I thought she was so gentle. Her name was Carolyn. She came from the USA. She looked like my grandmother.

From her, we learnt a lot. We learnt how to speak English well and how to have faith in ourselves. Every day, I said to myself, “I can! I believe I can speak English well. If you can, you can!”

Now, I always say to myself, “I am the best! If I work hard, I’ll speak English well. ”


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