Problems in My Life 我生活中的问题

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In the life, everybody has a lot of problem. For example, I am a wonderful student. I can usually get a high mark. I study very well. But sometimes I reckless of the examination, so, I can't do it very well. After the exam, I blow it. Most of my teachers usually apprehend me, but my mother sometimes makes little of me. She usually says that,' Honey, why you blew the exam, don't forget, you are an excellent student, you must study hard, and you must get the high mark next exam.

When my mother says that, I always feel very chagrin. I am not oracle, why I can't make mistakes. But my father apprehends me. He thinks I am a children, so I can make a little mistake. I always study hard after I blew the exam, because my father cheers on me. I study hard for me, for him, of course, I study hard for my mother too.

When we barge up against, don't trepidation, don't be scared, and tell the tribulation to our kiths, they can help you.


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