My Home Town 我的家乡

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Welcome to Suzhou. Today I’m your tour guide. Suzhou is a beautiful place in Southeast China. It was built over 2500 years ago. So Suzhou is an old city with a long history. It’s famous for its gardens and Hanshan Temple. We are all proud of them. Many foreign tourists come to see them. In Suzhou, There are lots of old constructions like Tiger Hill, Beisi Pagoda and so on. After visiting them, you’ll be tired. But don’t be worried. There are also lots of snack shops in Suzhou. They are different from those in Western countries. They are much more delicious than some Western food. Suzhou is a modern city as well as an old city. There are lots of tall buildings and many other modern constructions in Suzhou, too. You can find hundreds of people in smart clothes in the street. What a beautiful city it is!


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