My Dream 我的梦想

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Everybody have a dream, because we’re dreamers. In our heart, there is a colorful dream. Sometimes the dream is perfect, sometimes it’s special, sometimes it’s sweet, sometimes it’s yummy.

In my dream, there are some children. I always play games with them and enjoy ourselves. There are so many candies, too. Blue candies, pink candies, orange candies, apple candies…How delicious! In my dream, there is a special sky. In our world, the sky is blue, but the sky of my dream is pink, some angels are having fun there. In my dream, white bird can fly high, flowers can sing songs, frogs have a jump race, tomatoes are blue, potatoes are yellow, all the things are different.

In my dream, Chinese people, Korean people, Japanese people, Italian people, Spanish people, American people and Russian people are hand in hand. All the people smile for ever. It is a balanced world. .

In my dream, everything is wonderful, but our world isn’t like it. So we must like my dream, to let our world get more beautiful!


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