The one i love most 我最爱的人(明星)

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there are lot of people i love in my life, among them, the basketball star in NBA Ray Allen is the person i love most. as to me, He is far more a basketball player , but also a respectful idol, who has influenced me in every aspect .

Allen was selected by Milwaukee in 1996 draft ,first round, number 5 . since then ,he has played many of classic games that were collected into record. in court, he alway tries his best to help the team to win ; off court , he trains himself hard to keep a proper figure and always do charities to his community. in public, he is described by press as a man who is very gentle.

So far to today, allen has achived a succesful career in basketall for he has not only wined the 2008 world champion, the 2000 Sydney Olympic champion ,but also broke the all time 3-point record in NBA. As to me ,i shall set him as my paragon and word hard in my study to be a gentle man like him.

that is my favorite person----genle ray allen!


我一生中有很多我爱的人,其中,NBA的Ray Allen篮球明星是我最爱的人。至于我,他是一个篮球运动员,更是一个尊重偶像,影响了我的各个方面。



那是我最爱的人---- genle ray allen!


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