The person I love most 我最爱的人

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The person I love most is my grandfather.My grandfather also has a good heart.From him I can learn the endurance,self-discipline,courage,paticipation and positive attitude.

In my childhood,he always walks with me.Our usual walk was to the park near our house.He went to work on time,and despite nasty weather.He almost never missed a day,and would make it to the office even if others could not.When my grandfather was young,he joined the army.I am amazed at how much courage it must have taken for him to subject himself to such stress when he saw many his friends died in wars.Now my grandfather tries to partictpate in many activities.He likes to go to dances and parties.He loves travel and he always takes many photos.I love him but I’ve never said”love” to him for my shame.I hope he knows that how I admire him,how I love him,How I rely on him.I think of him when I am envious of another’s good fortune,when I complain about trifles,when I want to help other people.I love my grandfather most.


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