The person I love most 我最爱的人

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The person I love most is my mother. Why? Please read it on.     

My mother is a worker. She’s forty years old. She is very kind.When I was a child, she came to Tianjin with me. These years, she gave me all her love. I feel very happy.

In 2009,I lived in hospital because I get a big ill. I need an operation. I was very afraid. Mother comfort me. Finally, I get out of the difficult time. Luckily, the operation is very successful. During recovered period, my mother looked after me very well. Everyday, she went here and there, to check my body, buy meal for me and so on. But she didn’t care about herself. She slept only two hours everyday.She was thin. I feel very sad and I cried stealthily. I decide to recover quickly. I can’t make parents worry about me. I must grow up and study hard and love them.

After this thing, I see I can’t spend much time in playing. I need to face difficult on my own. I need look after my mother. She gave me too much. At the moment, mother is getting older ang older. I can do something for them in the future. I hope parents happy. I think my mother is the best mother in the world. I want to say:“ Mum, I love you!”







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