Parental Hopes and... 家长的希望和个人理想

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All parents hope their children will have a bright future. However, parents’ expectations for their children are not always in accordance with their children’s personal ideals, and sometimes they are even conflicting with each other. This is often a main cause for quarrels and gaps between parents and children. But what lead to the conflict between parental hopes and personal ideals?

The following three factors contribute to the conflict. First of all, in this fast-changing society, parents and children have too many differences in mind. Secondly, traditional patriarchy is still influencing Chinese parents in modern society. They are used to making decisions for their children. Third, nowadays young people have strong independence, who want to plan their own future and control their own destiny. Thus the conflict between parents and children inevitably appear.

In order to solve the conflict, both parents and children should pay their efforts. For one thing, parents should give their children rights to make their own decisions. They may help their children make choices instead of replacing them to make choices. For another, children should learn to respect their parents’ advices since parents tend to have more life experience. Besides, to communicate with each other actively is necessary to their understanding each other. As long as both parents and children learn to think from the other side’s point of view, the conflicts between them can be avoided.