Eradication of Poverty 消除贫困

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There is a festival in the world called International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. It falls on the seventeenth of October every year. The reason why this festival exists just as it is serious in the reality life. In present days, although more and more people are enjoying a better life, there are still some people in the situation of poverty. It is an emergency that needs people to solve as soon as possible. In my opinion, there are several aspects people should realize. First of all, the rich should help the poor. They can donate some money to them or provide some job opportunities to them. Otherwise, the gas between the wealthy and poor will be bigger. Secondly, the government should publish some policy to help the poor to escape from poverty. Last but not least, the poor people should try their best to fight for themselves. After all, the best people can help you is yourself. If we can eradicate poverty one day, the world will be more beautiful.




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