A Good Neighbor 好邻居

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What is the definition of a good neighbor? Well, in my opinion, a good neighbor should have the qualities: to care about other’s feeling, and help others unselfishly.


I feel lucky to have a good neighbor. She is about 65 years old. I remember it clearly,one night, I was caught in a pouring rain, and then I suffered from a high fever. My parents were on business, so I turned to her for help, I recovered soon. I have another neighbor, we’re in the same age, went to the same school. We always played together. I’m not good at Physics at that time. It was hard for me to pass the exam. After school, she always helped me with my Physics. With her help, I made a big process in my final exam.


Good neighbors create a comfortable and safe living environment. They’re also our good friends. They make a big difference in our daily life.



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