Holiday Economy 假日经济

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As we see, the extended holidays have caused unexpected great travel craze and brisk economic activities.But there are many debates on the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of holiday economy.Many people,especially some economists,are in favor of the holiday economy.They believe that tourism-based holiday economy has raised consumption and helped to spur the domestic demands.In addition,transportation,catering,hotels and service industries become flourishing during long holidays.

However,many others argue that the holiday economy do more harm than good.First,the travel craze puts a heavy burden on the traffic system.Second,thousands of tourists full scenic spots causing over crowdedness and safety problems.

As to me,I believe the advantages of holiday economy outweigh its disadvantages.After all,holiday economy greatly benefits the development of our overall economy.Besides,consumers can enjoy more colourful commodities and more preferential policies provided by the merchants.But the government should take effective measures to reduce the side effects of holiday economy.