Education For All 全民教育

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Nowadays in China,the limit to candidates for college entrance examination is not so strict as before. People of all ages and even married people can take the examination and have a chance of becoming a college student. The new regulation has many advantages.

Firstly,it provides more people with chances to receive high education. There are many people who have once lost the chance to enter a college for some reason. Now they can pick up their own dreams of being a college student. Secondly,it will introduce more students with different backgrounds and the abilities for colleges and universities. Finally,it stimulates competition and promotes the candidates to work harder.

However,relaxing the limit of age and marriage might bring some problems. For one thing,married students have to take care of the family and children, which brings more difficulties for school management. For another,there might be a gap between the elder students and the other young students. Therefore,more attention should be paid to the enrollment of those people of other age groups and married persons.