Protecting animals is to protect humanbeings 保护动物就是保护人类

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Protecting animals is to protect humanbeings

No one can deny the fact that today the environment is polluted seriously. Though the government has taken some policies to protect the environment, still some businessmen chase the profit by taking the cost of damaging the nature. Many animals are dying out as they lose their homes. Such as the national treasure, panda. The government has put a lot of money to protect them from dying out, and the new born panda babies will be looked after by experts and then release to the nature, in the hope that they won’t disappear in the nature. But the result is not always good, because when they return to the nature, the environment can’t provide enough things for them to live. If the nature loses its balance and there is no way for human beings living with nature harmoniously, then we also will disappear some day. So protecting animals and environment is to protect us humanbeings,everyone should take actions to built a harmonious homeland.





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