关于手机的英语作文(Mobile Telephone)

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Mobile Telephone on Campus 校园里的手机

Mobile Telephone on Campus





With the development of science and technology,mobile telephone becomes more and more popular.Even the students on campus begin to use mobile telephone.Is it a good or bad thing?Mobile telephone,on the one hand,is good to the students. For one thing,it enables them to keep in touch with their friends and family more conveniently and quickly. For another, it can make the students fashionable and proud.

On the other hand,mobile telephone has a negative effect on the students.First,it will cost them more money than before.Second,it will distract them from their study.Third ,it will sometimes become a nuisance especially when it rings in class or in the library.

In my opinion,it is not good for the students on campus to use mobile telephone. Since the student' main purpose on campus is to study,they should pay much attention to their study.If they want to use mobile telephone,they can use it after graduation.






Mobile Phone 手机

Nowadays,almost everyone has a mobile phone. Some people even have two or three. Mobilephones changes our lives a lot. It’s so easy to get to others. All you have todo is making a call. You can talk to anyone no matter how far you are.

Making calls and texting messages are the basic functions of mobile phones. But now,we can do a lot of things by mobile phones, such as listening to the music,watching movies, taking photos, reading books and so on. It’s so functional that it seems like a computer to some extent. Some people even deal with theirbusiness by mobile phones. It’s amazing.




On Mobile Phone 用手机

Nowadays, more and more people are using mobile phones. In the street, on a bus, in a restaurant, actually in every other public places, you can hear someone speaking with a mobile phone. Many college students have bought mobile phones, too.

The mobile phone is so popular because of many reasons. First of all, it is a very useful communication tool. When you are out and you need to contact someone urgently, a mobile phone will enable you to do this if there is no telephone box nearby. A beeper is not always sufficient for your purposes. Second, it is a fashionable product which many youths want to have. Mobile phone manufacturers have used famous stars as their propagandists. At last, the prices of mobile phones are dropping as a result of the scientific development. Ordinary people can afford a mobile phone now. The mobile phone is getting more and more accepted by the common public.

However, the mobile phone can also become a nuisance sometimes. In a classroom when everybody is taking an important exam, the ring of a mobile phone causes almost some kind of sound pollution. Those who have mobile phones should avoid disturbing others in public places.





My School Rules 校规



请你以My Favorite Sport为题,谈谈你最喜爱的一项体育活动,你喜爱的原因以及感受等。



同学们,中考过后,你们即将告别亲爱的母校。回首三年的母校生活,学校里的很多规则有助于你的健康成长。你能告诉我们在你们学校有哪些规则吗?你对这些校规有何看法?你对母校有哪些合理化建议?请你以My School Rules为题,写一篇短文。


1. 语言表达准确,语意通顺、连贯;

2. 书写工整、规范;

3. 根据所给内容,请做适当发挥;

4. 文中不得出现真实姓名和真实地名;

5. 词数:70词左右。文章的题目和开头已给出,不计入总词数。

In our school, we have many rules. ____________________________________




My favorite sport is playing basketball. Because I think it is interesting and exciting. I often play basketball with my friends on the playground after school. Playing basketball makes me healthy and happy. I want to be a basketball player in the future.


In our school, we have many rules. We shouldn’t be late for school. We have to wear school uniforms to school every day. We can’t run or shout in the hallways. We can’t eat in class. We should listen to the teachers carefully in class. We aren’t allowed to smoke in school. I think our school rules are too strict. We should be allowed to choose our own clothes. That will make us more comfortable. We shouldn’t have too much homework to do every day.






Mobile phones 手机的优点和缺点

As every body knows, mobiles are playing a important part in our daily life nowadays.But they have bot advantages and disadvtanges in my opinion.

First, mobiles make it convinent for people to keep in touch with each other whevere they are.Especially when they have something important.It reduces the cost for people dont have to travel a long way to get to know the things in person

Second,we can send messages by mobiles with little money,just 0.01 yuan for each short message.

third, we can also play games or take photoes or listen to music on the mobiles,late we do many things on them with the development of technology.

But they also have many disadvatages.we have to pay for the wrong numbers which are not for us.The radioactivites may do harm to our health.Sometimes the rings may affect others in public or at meetings







The Advantage Of Cell Phone 手机给我们带来的好处

With the development of science and technology, there are more and more new products appearing in human beings’ life. Cell phone is a good example. Nowadays, cell phone has been widely used in people’s daily life. It seems that people can’t live without it. In my opinion, cell phone really brings so many advantages to mankind.

First of all, cell phone is very convenient. People can connect with anyone in anywhere if that person has a mobile phone, too. In other words, people have to write letter in paper and then wait for a long time to make the letter arrived the destination in the old days, but now people can write message on cell phone and then send it to the person they want in a second or just dial that person’s mobile phone number and then they can talk with each other in a few second. Secondly, mobile phone can act as a safe guarantee. When people face dangerous, they can use cell phone to dial 110 to report to the police or ask for help from friends nearby. And when people worry about another man, they can call him to make sure whether he is OK or not. Last but not least, mobile phone contains much interesting entertainment, which can bring lots of happiness to human beings and make their life more colorful.

In general, cell phone is the product of high-tech, which brings lots of benefits to our human beings.





Mobile Phone 手机(高考优秀作文)




Mobile Phone

Being a product of high-technology,mobile phones are being more and more widely used. It's small in size, light in weight and easy to carry, offering fast and convenient service for communication.It's of multi-function. The users use it for calling, sending short messages and internet-surfing.

In recent years, mobile phones have become popular among middle school students. Quite a few use them at school to keep in touch with their families and friends instead of writing letters, which, of course brings convenience to them. But I don't think it's good to do so.

In spite of the advantage mentioned above, student users often waste a lot of time chatting over the phone in their spare time, some even use them to cheat in exams. In addition, mobile phone bill is also a heavy burden on students' families.