My Teacher Mr Moore 我的老师穆尔先生

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标题为:My Teacher Mr Moore

There’s a teacher Mr .Moore.

Who is lovely and therty-four.

Always encouraging us to try.

He leads us to a world of“why”.

We all admire him more and more.

注意:1. 不得照抄短诗原文。2. 必须结合短诗的内容,发挥想象,适当展开。

  1. 必须突出短诗的主题,结构完整,语意连贯。

4. 短文不能写成诗歌形式。5. 词数:120左右。

My Teacher Mr Moore

Of all my teachers, Mr. Moore is the one who impresses me most, Though he is 34, he looks very young for his age. And he’s one of the most popular teachers in our school.

Compared with other teachers, Mr. Moore pays more attention to his way of teaching .He tries various ways to make his classes lively and interesting .In his opinion, we should not only know “what”, but also understand “why”. So, instead of giving us answers immediately ,he encourages us to think by ourselves whenever he puts forward questions. With his help. we’ve learned how to analyze and settle problem. What a wonderful world of “why” he leads us to!

He is such a learned person that we all admire hem very much.


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