Computers in China 中国的电脑

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据调查,中国城市居民的电脑拥有率达30%。很多农村居民对电脑也越来越感兴趣,甚至有的家庭也买了电脑。参考下表写一篇题为“Computers in China”的短文。词数为100左右。



类别 比率
因别 比率
孩子学习需要 70%
学习资料查询 30%
家长工作需要 20%
上网、聊天、游戏 60%
娱乐 30%
听音乐、看光盘 20%

Computers inChina

According to a recent investigation, about 30% of the city families have computer. Besides, many village people are more and more interested in computers and some of them even have bought computers. About 70% of the parents bought computers for their children to study, and some for their work. And even some people bought them for entertainment. The fact how the middle school students use the computers really surprises us. Only about 30% of them use computers to find out useful in formation. About 60% use computers to play games and 20% use computers to watch VCDs or listen to music. In my opinion, we should make better use of our best invention— computers.


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