The Popularity of Blog 博客的人气

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In recent years,blog has become very popular.More and more people have created their own blogs and often visit others' blogs.They use blog to review their inner voice or collcet and share thoughts and things they find interesting.In brief,blog is an online diary or frequently updated personal page.

Why does blog become so popular in such a short time?Firstly, it is the widespread of Internet that provides a platform for the appearance and popularity of blog.Secondly,anyone can create his own blog as he wishes.Blog has no fixed rules and needn't professional knowledge and skills,which enables millions of people to have a voice and connect with others.Thirdly,blog covers all kinds of topics from daily life to political forums,from individual thoughts to world events.Among millions of blogs,you can always find something you are interested in.

However,blog has some problems.For one thing,plagiarism in blog is not unusual.The protection of blog copyright cannot be guaranteed.For another,many blog content so in and mass and some even include unhealthy things.Therefore,blog still has a long way to run before it becomes mature.