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The new term has begun!

Time flies, time if shuttle! The beginning of this term I have risen a grade and have become junior college student, so I must make a study plan to improve myself .I will spend more time in studying English. and do my best to pass the English CET4.At first I must believe myself, it may be the most important.!

On the other hand, in this term, for me, I have some changes, for my mind, my position, and my study attitude.

These changes may be good, Yes?

GO! GO! Come on !


I felt I can’t fit the school’s life before I come to school. But now, I think it impossible, new terms has many interesting things, too. Certainly, we have many themes to talk about them together. I t made us laugh.

And now, it is the second week, however, I often sleep less, it has six or seven hours more or less, so I always feel tired with my eyes.

On Tuesday, it is open ceremory. It often includes that prize to students who has well performanced, maybe will get a prize. But this term, I had backslide, so I can’t get a scholarship., it is a pity! and I can’t get a electronic dictionary. SO I will hard study, aim at a scholarship.

Wednesday is Teachers ’Day, at the same time, it’s my classmate, Dandan ’s Birthday.

I was in a good mood that day!


The mid-autumn festival holiday has finished, and I took some moon cakes from my home, to solve my breakfast in this week. The moon cake is really sweet, however, I still like it.

Unluckily, I got a cold when I 'm back to school, and my throat was husky. On Tuesday, I was happy to take part in the schoolgirl chorus, but my throat……several days, I was fine! Yeah!

Luckily, on Thursday, as an audience, I won the prize in a lottery! The prize are toothpaste and toothbrush, ..I was happy yet! and in this day ,I entered for the English CET4,I had a little hesitate at first, but now, nothing can change my mind, I bought the CET4 materials, and started to hard study.


National Day holidays is around the corner. The school will held a party vacation. I also joined in acting. So , in this week, I seem to be very busy every evening, to practice song. But I don’s shout tired,because of the performances have a rare opportunity to master and performance.

In addition, this week also happened to me excited two matters, the first thing, Shenzhou VII is the successful launch, it blasts off from Jiuquan at 21:10,on September 25,2008.This time just our party school performance over. Let us turn on the TV so with the launch of god seven. The second thing, I entrusted a friend to find coolie, now it has news, is a tutor for work. I rejoice. I think it will start to prepare, I will try to be a tutor, Come on! It also gives myself a chance of exercise.

Tomorrow is a holiday, and how to plan? hehe~~~ I think it’s important ,try not to spend too much time in playing.


This time really fast. National Day holidays has ended. This week, I almost stay at home. At home, I always repeated these things, such as watch TV, read books ,and did some housework. Maybe it has a bit boring. But at home, it always make me happy. With my family together is golden hours.

Backed home this time, I also got a MP4.With the MP4,I think it’s more convenient to train English listening. And I thought of the dresident of the assignment. let us to write an essay ”my dream” essay. I began writing:

“Everyone has a dream, it is for everyone ,but people who don’t have dream it will be empty. But the dream is always with the ideological change before then” When I wrote the assignment, I haven’t seriously thought of what is my real dream to be teacher. While I also. But my heart really dream, I haven’t think clearly, do the things you can pull sight, I still feel OK. But now I still have a little dream, it’s have an electronic dictionary. Come on~`

I hope everybody come true their dream, including myself.


The weather becomes colder and colder, people began to wear long sleeve. Indeed, to take good care of yourself physically. This kind of weather easily cause cold.

On Tuesday, It was Harsmar . And I asked some classmates a question ”what’s Harmar ?”bur few people can answer. It also called ”JING LAO JIE”. It’s maybe clear. and I sent a message to several teachers, including Lin Zhenhua, and he also gave me message, the content is motivating. I received his massage was very happy.

This weekend, I began to practice the tutor. The students is poor in English, so I just beginning from the simple grammar to teach. Two days of family education and feel good.

Today I received notice, It said that the next week after week will held an exam ,it’s about “basic training” ,I also have a little worried.

The next thing really busier and busier. It’s about the exam. I might be a little scared.


Today is Friday, a week is going over, as usual, this weekends will probably very bored. However, it is a good, so that I can have enough sleep. hehe~~ And on the basic of sleep is enough, I should plan to do, so don’t let myself nothing. For example: hand a copy, Jianbi painting ,English words, etc. But the important thing still is to let myself get sufficient rest.

Now, the basic assessment of time delay ,on 27th.For me,so have enough time to prepare. It’s a pleasant. Originally though it would began to exam at tomorrow’s tomorrow. so now I must make a good use of the time.

Recent Yanchipu nearby roads are repairing, so the traffic is very troublesome. And I will go to the supermarket to buy something, it’s very unconvenient. So I also did not go out this week. Every day, repeated this three place to walk, namely the school canteen, dormitory, the classroom. Perhaps this some boring, but I also don’t know how to relaxation time. Sometimes , I am very busy, but sometimes have nothing to do .Also I’m now a tutor, maybe I will more fulling.

Let’s cheer myself!


The basic assessment of time is around the corner in the day after tomorrow, but I shall never seems to be ready until now. May be a bit worse.

Just finished the tutor’s work, this one is ten minutes’ walk. And in this ten minutes . I was walking alone, so I usually think a lot. Sometimes I seem to realize some sense, sometimes what things are summarized, anyway, it’s thought a lot. Like just I was thinking the composition of the topic in that day,” If I were a boy,” I haven’t really think “if I were a boy”, and what can I do ? I really didn’t think about it too much,,…..

Perhaps the most early monthly share happy, because the school will grant, and at the end of this time, maybe everyone became very expect, I feel the same way.

Sometime a week doesn’t happen something, so that nothing to write, like this week.

That’s all.

Oct27th---Nov.2th, 2008

This week is the ninth week, soon the half semester,. How time flies! The midterm will come next week ,but I have no ready.

On Tuesday, my eyes inflammation. And I worry for a long time, consecutive days I didn't listen to the teacher carefully. My eyes, it's a long story, Say not clear. Now problems are made, and more and more serious, It will cause I do not convenient, as: sport. As the saying goes: "the eye is the doorway to her heart.” The eyes were really important, so I also remind the people to protect their eyes.

This morning on the two oral English class, the teacher in class when she finished lesson, we made a dialogue between deskmates, a pair of deskmates practicing dialogues among us, such as:

A: Hello, who is that?

B:This is Heyar ,what's wrong?


Then,the teacher was halted, and explained, it means you have problems? So it can't express like that, But it can say so" what' s the matter with you ?"When we were laughing, because everybody aware wrong.

In the ordinary, we always express "what can I do for you?" or" Do you have any questions?" use" what's wrong with you?" now we were wrong .now ,Now, we should not make such mistakes.

Now, in my class, more and more classmates were interested in reading English, we also speak the oral English each other,such as “Long time no see” ,What’s gives ?”It’s a piece of cake” ,”I feel the same way”,” Don’t get me wrong,” No way” or something ,they are very much. Sometimes I feel it’s interesting.


I was fell ill last night, but the strange to say, yet. Yesterday afternoon concepts can still play volleyball and skip rope. When back dormitory after school, began to feel dizzy ,body fatigue. May be tired. Later in the evening, and aware of the fever. I have hardly enough strength left to move my body. and to persuade my classmates and teachers, don't go to see the doctor. May be very stubborn, but the consequences caused heavier. In the dormitory, With students of class chatting, then how suddenly fainted, for carrying people had to be taken to the hospital. I don't know what happened from fainting to be sent to the hospital this time, but I wanted to say with classmates, teacher, "thank you." The time is my classmate review, the teacher taking delays and spend some time with me, and really touched. Thank you

Shouldn't sick, it aside to me. Remember before the exam period of last semester with a fever, and ill for several days, then no review test scores, and left behind .I think the midterm exam as well. However, the performance should is not important, Health matters. Really, people began to feel uncomfortable, just think what things are not wonderful. instead, they will be very happy. Like yesterday morning till noon, I am very happy. First, my dad's birthday. Secondly, to learn that I won first prize in the composition contest, I was very excited.

Change is said, Night is ill. On the way back to school, she said that she more and more like the head teacher, She said with a teacher of a pretty chat, and I also feel very well.

That evening is unforgettable .


The mid-exam has already passed, moreover various subject result also came out. Saw my result, I did not know should say any. Perhaps I should have to understand, and as the class adviser said in the class meeting" the study is not very many next time ," so I should diligently.

O n Thursday, art students of us, to sketch where has lawn in the school. The teacher let us find leaves in the lawn on campus. For three different shapes of leaves, observe the character of these leaves, and then in painting . This scene, I often on television or other places to see in thin , and I also experience, very excited. When students or passer-by looked to us for a moment, if I were them, I would have done it.

I was still lively first of all, and then draw the third leaf, a little patience, but still have some harvests. I realized that we were lack of to observe in the ordinary.

Through sketch, perhaps to observe how can learn a thing ,Leaf was very common in our daily life, but also can observe carefully , found a fresh things, Learn to observe in our daily life, you can learn more.


In midweek, we held a simple English forum in the classroom,. The topic of "the advantages and disadvantages of network."After a few minutes, we stopped, they all go to the dormitory nap. We were not ready for it,s o the effect is not so good. In this my point is:

Computers play an important role in our everyday life. Also we can see in the electronic reading room ,rows of students sit in front of the monitors. We us-e computers to cope with files and photos etc. And the internet is just a large database and we can get on the internet to search for anything we need through the computers. We can keep in touch with the others with the emails, msn and QQ etc. Enjoying ourselves in music, games and movies can loosen us after nervous classes.

Each coin has two sides. Disadvantages of the computers can also do harm to us. Most of us students use the computers more to play games and chat with strangers than searching for useful information. That’s a waste of time. There is so much rubbish on the net, which are some medium messages about crime or sex. It does harm to our minds.

From all above, we should learn to use computers in our own right ways.... The computers doesn’t have no responsibility, it depends on the way we use them. In my view, Internet has both advantage and disadvantage, it depends on users. How do you use Internet?

That's all


From last night till today, namely class party and school sports, I think they happened many things, so that I felt somewhat tired..

We organized a class party in Junqingresturant last night. In the party, I saw many classmates droke the beer very cool, but they were drunk too much all the same. And I also droke the beer about three bottles, but didn’t drunk , it’s amazing.

Last night, many classmates cried , all kinds of the reasons. Crying is the best way of venting. And some people because of excessive drinking the beer lead to uncomfortable, some people think of the unhappy things cause cry, some people take it for several years in psychology, suppress in drunk and spit it out. Perhaps I can feel their mood, but if a sleep,wake up, that will be as usual, and it also a different, it’s hard to say.

Today is the first day of school sports meeting. Hope everyone don’t misfired in alcohol. Come on! And cheer myself!


Friday again. How time flies. Another week has gone. I got an e_mail this week from an old friend of mine. Her name is Qimeng. We parted when halfway through seventh grade. I haven’t heard from her at all since about halfway throught ninth grade. I honestly thought I ‘d never hear from her again. She was one of my best friend, though. We had quite a bit in common. It was really great to hear from her.

“If you could revidit any one moment from your life and live it again, what would it be?”

There are so many choices! In light of recent circumstances, I guess that if I had no pick, I’d go back to the day Qimeng was leaving and tell her how much her friendship meant to me. I ‘d tell just how much I was going to miss her and make her promise to stay in touch and come back and see me once in a while.

I know that when people leave your life, you always regret not saying something to them. I’ ve waved goodbye to many people in my life, and Qinmeng’s the only one who ever kept in touch with me and who I regretted not saying more.


There are some things I learned in life about regretting things. I can complain and say “ I should have done that differently,” but that’s the thing about it all. You can’t go back and change things that have already happened.

What I ‘m trying to say is that I have no regret in my life. Everything that didn’t go the way I expected or planned, it has been a learning experience for me. Sure I can fo and say,” M an! I regret ever……”But I don’t want to do that. The outcomes of things that have gone wrong have taught me how to better myself, and how to make things right. It has made me a better person, and I’ gateful.

So in that sense, I don’t have any regrets. I’m not claiming to be a perfect person. I make mistakes all the time. But if I look back regret everything I do ,where will I be ? Probably still hangthing on the things I did wrong. I hope regret something in the future…..But who knows?Nobody’s perfect.

After thinking about what I just wrote, I come to wonder if everything I said was nonsense. I’m hoping it isn’t. what I wrote was something idealistic. Something that I hope I can fulfill. Then again, I’m human so I will make mistakes.but do learn something from your failure. That's the point!

Dec 15-21th,2008

In midweek, we were entering into the English talent competition, athouth we all know what is the result, but we still keep to it. But at last, when the performance was finished, all of us said the same words, such as “lose face”….include me, because it is a factum…..but when our head teacher told me that our attitude is not correct, I think it’s right……and I think a lot of it , I don’t know how did it ……

Next, we should prepare for the CET4 exam, and do our best, I was ready to go home, and I slmost didn’t go home, and I almost didn’t fo home for two months, so I also miss home.

Ok ,stop writing, I will do other thigs.