My View on Luxurious Moon Cake 豪华月饼的观点

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The Mid-autumn Festival is around the corner. As a tradition of Mid-autumn Festival, moon cake is popular during this period that is the necessity for this festival. Previously, people often made moon cake by themselves, but now most people buy it from market. As time goes by, more and more moon cakes that are beautifully made are sold in the market. However, the prices of moon cakes also increase correspondingly. Some people even pay hundreds or thousand yuan to buy a box of moon cake. In my opinion, it is totally not necessary. Moon cakes just a tradition of Mid-autumn Festival that owns good meaning. But more and more people regard it as gift to others and some others buy it to show their wealth, or take it as the symbol of status. These are the reasons that increase the prices of moon cakes. I think it’s not a good phenomenon and we should enjoy this tradition or delicious food simply in such a good holiday.




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