My Motto 我的座右铭

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  Do you know what mottos are?They are things people say that have a special meaning.I have a super motto and it works like magic.My motto is "Just do your best."

  I say it all the time.My motto guides me everyday.It's very helpful to me.It helps me face challenges and takes away my wories.It makes me feel stronger,too.For example,I was sick on a day that I had an important test.I was very nervous and afraid,so I told myself,"Just do your best."Then I tried my best.I gave it one hundred percent and I did a great job.

  This motto can make you confident.Don't worry about what will happen and don't compare yourself to other people.Just do your best,and you will be fine.Anything is possible if you do your best,so try to do your best every day.


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