Foster Your Interests 培养你的兴趣

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  Everyone knows that interests can be fostered. Nevertheless, boys often say, “I am not interested in language.” They would even say,“I hate English.” And what about girls? They often show GREat interest in language, but little in mathematics or physics. Perhaps you will give me some scientific bases to prove that this is normal.

  Indeed, there are some differences between girls and boys, but these differences are not impassable①. If boys or girls try to devote more attention to what they don't like, they will find that both can achieve what they wish to achieve. The key point is that they must foster an interest. The course of trying to be absorbed on what neglected is the course of fostering interests.

  It you do not like serious reading, you may choose only light books that amuse you. By and by, you will be GREatly interested in it and get something out of it.

  Here is a story of myself. I have long been fond of language, but I had little interest in mathematics. Yet, I am a UFO-lover. I've kept reading THE JOURNAL OF UFO RESEARCH. In the recent, I've read a lot about the civilizations of outer space. This made me realize that biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics are as important and useful as language. I no longer hate mathematics now.

  This shows that once your interest is fostered, you may do well in it. Interests can also enrich your life. Therefore, it is necessary to foster interests. There is no need to Worry about energy or time. If you are a person of many interests, your energy will be regulated naturally. Anyway, fostering interests won't do you harm. You will be GREatly rewarded.


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