My Favorite Writer 我最喜欢的作家

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  I like reading in my free time. I've read all kinds of books which are written by many famous writers from all over the world. But I like a Chinese writer best. His name is Xu Zimo.

  Xu Zimo was born in a big family. His parents were good at writing and his father taught little Xu by himself. When Xu Zimo was very young, he was interested in reading. Fables, stories or novels were his favorites and he often nearly forgot eating and sleeping.

  When Xu was about six years old, he began to write some short stories. He was always practising writing and he did better and better. But he still kept on reading, because he always believed that “Reading makes a full man, a ready man and an exact man.”

  When he grew up, his life dream came true. He became a world-famous writer. Not only Chinese but also people from other countries worshiped Xu Zimo. His writing was enjoyed by all the people. Everybody thought that Xu's works were so nice and great. From his writing, people can understand a lot. I have learnt that if someone wants to be a great person, he must work hard!

  Now, let's enjoy one of Xu's verses:

  On Leaving Cambridge Again Quietly I leave, Just as I quietly come, I quietly wave, Saying goodbye to the bright clouds of the western sky.


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