Be grateful for friends 感谢朋友

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  It is a celebrating day. I got in touch with Michael whom I have been losing contact for one year.   

  It is really magic. I was searching online aimlessly yesterday when an idea struck me suddenly: since Ben can find out my secret by keying in my name in the search engines, why can’t I do so, either?  

  I intended to find out something about Ben in revenge in the first place, but soon extend my name list to a wider category. It was then that I recalled Michael suddenly.  

  We have lost contact since our last correspondence in my senior 3. He mentioned to me in his last letter that he was preparing for going to UK to further his education. I, shamefully, was too busy to reply his mail then. When I was recommended to ZJU and won the final freedom, I thought he had already been in UK so I had no idea where to write him.  

  I used to think that we would never meet again. However, when I browsed the entries about him, I found out excitedly that he is still in P.R.C.!!  
  Without a moment hesitation, I ran upstairs to my dorm and found out my old address book. Thank goodness, his home no was still there.  

  After 3 times calling with no answer replies, I eventually got him on the phone. He was more surprised than I could imagine that when I asked for his hp no he was too nervous to remember it. :P Hehe.  

  Life is enjoyable in moments such like this. Old friends meet again surprisingly, on a road of their own ways to their dreams. they look at the face of each other, and recognize the old pal. It is such moment that makes me feel grateful to life: whenever I set off for a new destination, I see I have friends in the same direction, with whom I won’t feel alone any more.


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