A Shining Star 一颗闪亮的星

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  A good teacher is like a shining star to students. Miss Li, my senior high school English teacher, is a shining star in my life.

  When I began my senior high school years, I had difficulty in learning English. I dared not speak English aloud in public because of my poor pronunciation and intonation. I could not get high marks and my grammar was not right at all. Frustrated and afraid of being laughed at, I never put up my hand to answer questions in English class. When Miss Li found out my situation, she encouraged me and lent me a hand. She patiently taught me English grammar, helped me understand how to write a good sentence,and lent me many English books and magazines, which rapidly improved my English. With her help, I became interested in English and eventually got high marks.

  Miss Li, like a shining star, shines in my path of success.


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