Life Is a Struggle 生活是一场斗争

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  Life is a struggle. I shall never forget the most striking part of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow' s poem -- A Psalm of Life: "In the world's blood field of battle, In the bivouac of life, Be not like dumb, driven cattle! Be a hero in the strife!"

  Ludwig van Beethoven was a typical "hero in the strife". He was not only one of the greatest composers, but also one of the most persevering men. As a deaf man, he went on working with his strong will in the last year of his life, though he was not able to hear his own fine and original music. Another example of persistence in struggle is Deng Yaping. She once said that her technique came from continuous training, emphasizing the importance of daily practice to a player.

  As a student, I seem to be in a boat sailiug against the current. I must make an effort to forge ahead. A little carelessness will result in being driven back. Indeed, learning is a struggle against idleness and carelessness. Following the examples of Ludwig van Beethoven and Deng Yaping, I shall take great pains to urge myself on, moving steadily forward like a heroic boatman in the rough sea of knowledge.


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