A Busy Day 忙碌的一天

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  She is very busy today, just like a busy bee. In the morning, I had two seccsions and after that I had a lesson for my IELTS. I don't even have my lunch. There lots of people in my IELTS class and most of them came from India. The reason why they want to attent this course is similar to me. Right now, I feel exhausted and don't want to work, but I still have lots homework to do.

  I also have some other problem. Last term, I decided to start my new term in Newcastle, and asked Jhon to give my money back. And now, I have changed my mind, so told Jhon I did not want my fees back, but she told me the check had been sent out for almost two weeks. I haven't received my check until now, and I told her the truth. Finally, she said she would help me to ask finaNcial officer to give me another letter, and then after I sign that form everything will be all right. What a absurd world it is. If I had not asked Jhon to give my fees back, it would have become much easier.

  If my boy sleep quietly, he will see the busy bee, when it has made its honey fine, dancing in the bright sunshine. If my boy will slumber, angles without number will draw near, so fair and bright, for they only come at night.


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