I Believe I Can Fly 我相信我能飞

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I have ever enjoyed a song called I Believe I Can Fly. In fact, I have forgotten the most words of the song, but I still remember the thing it has told me. Everyone who wants to succeed must believe himself first.

I was afraid of exams because I didn't do well in studying. Though it made me lose confidence. I have never thought about finding a way to change it. Until one day, my teacher showed me the song and told me that she believed I could do it. At that moment, I seemed to see that the bright sun is waiting for me, so I closed my eyes and told myself, “Yes, I can fly!”

I have been brave and tried my best to change for the better since then. As the matter of fact. I have done it! Now I'm not afraid of exams any more.

To my way of thinking, when any trouble happens to us, we just tell ourselves that I believe I can fly, then we can really do it. So don't be afraid of anything, you know, there won't be a problem that we are not able to face.


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