Water Conservation 水资源保护

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One day, I told my brother to play, he saw an uncle was holding a large brush, effortless in the pool also wrote a "Please conserve water," five characters, then who will be the tap open to the uncle began to wash the largest pen. Washing with washing with water on the flooded pond, like hair, like flood, to flow in all directions to go, uncle, or turn a blind eye, still go its own way. He splashed the water in order to keep themselves, stay away.

Water in the "brawl" in flowing, as if in sad to say: "Oh, some people really do not know a thing about the village that we do not know how much our contribution, if the plants without water, they will thirst death, to know our country’s fresh water resources become increasingly strained. "Well," I hear a sigh, thinking: his uncle, who wrote a number of characters, "Please save water," but he himself was a waste of water resources, he said and do not at all inconsistent with ah! So I walked over, courtesy of his uncle, said: "Uncle, water is the source of life, you do not save water until the water dried up the day of regret too late, plant will all thirst, humanity would cease to exist, the water is too precious to mankind ah! "

Uncle listened to me, first froze a moment, surprised to see me, and blushed to the ears and roots, said: "Great, you’re my ’teacher’." Then he hastened to shut the tap.

I experienced such a thing, decided to start from their own and cherish water resources:

1, can be washed dishes of water used to water the flowers, pouring dish.

2, and into the shut off is not a good taps.

3, around the house in toilet transfer a small amount of water.

4. Water is fully taken up anyway, but we have a treasure Oh!

If everyone can save a little water, the earth mother would smile more brilliant, everything will be more vibrant.


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