Stamps 邮票

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When we send a letter or a postcard, we have to put stamps on the envelope or on the card. When did people first begin to use stamps? Who was the first to think of this idea? Here is some information about it.

In the early nineteenth century, people did mot use stamps. They had to pay for the letters or postcards they received. People didn’ t like it. First, it was not convenient. Second, sometimes they had to pay for the letters they didn’t want to receive at all, such as advertisements. Third, the postage was high at that time. And it was difficult for postmen to collect the postage.

Then one person thought out an idea to solve this problem. He was Rolland Hill, a schoolmaster in England. He was the first to put forward a proposal to use stamps in 1850s. He thought it would be much more convenient for people. They could go to a nearby post office to buy stamps and put them on the envelopes before they sent letters. The post office could simply put seals on the stamps to prevent them from being used again. That was a good idea and it was accepted by tile government finally.


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