Being a volunteer is great!

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There are lots of volunteers around us now. And they don’t do it for money, they do it only for happy or others。As a young student, helping other people is a major commitment。

If I have a chance to join a volunteer club and to be a volunteer who helps others,I will try my best to help others。In my classroom ,I am good at math and science ,I can help my classmates who are in trouble if I am free.In primary school , I can help teach young students paint because I am good for drawing.And I am good at singing,so I can sing songs to cheer up the sick people in the hospital。Also,I can help the old people in the old people's home , I can clean the floor and do chores ,because I think the old people will be very tired and hard if they do the housework by themselves.

Except these,so many things I can do . Not only I feel good about helping others , but also I do something useful . So I think I should study hard to improve my skills and I will help others in the future.


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