My Favorite Activities 我最喜欢做的事情

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I like a variety of activities,fi'om active and wild ones like camping, sports and parties to quiet ones like reading and watching TV. I like to be outdoors,to participate in sports and to do daring things. For example, several friends and I once took a trip down a wild river in a raft. We spent a week navigating dangerous currents, camping at night, fixing our own meals and having much fun. I am a member of our college foothall team. I also like to do risky things such as skiing, motorcycling and mountain climbing, but I don't do them often and am very careful.

I also like to be with my friends. I usually get invited to at least one party a week. If I don't,then I arrange one myself, even it is very informal Whenever I have a chance, I either eat out or go dancing with my friends.

In contrast,there are also many quiet private things that I enjoy doing. I have spent whole days reading a book, and I occasionally stay up late at night with a good novel. Sometimes, too, I like to spend a relaxed evening watching light TV programs, or talking with friends about serious matters over a glass of wine. In other words, I like to do different things, depending on the mood I am in and the kind of people I am around.


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