My Family 我的家庭

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I have a very lucky family. There are five people in my family, my dad, mom, sister and brother.

My dad is a host of the family. He is tall and strong. He is a boss. He works very hard. He likes singing and doing sports. He is very funny. He cares about us. My mom is a boss, too. She likes planting. She is very busy every day. But she is very kind to us. We love her very much.

“ Tom, you are a naughty boy,” my mom always says. Yes, my brother Tom is really naughty. He likes sports very much. He usually makes funny of me. When I am angry every time, he always says: “ You look like a monkey!” I am even mad, but he is much happier.

My sister is a sports player. She is tall and strong. She has big eyes, small nose and mouth and two small ears. She is pretty and cute. She likes listening to music every much. “ Proud of you” is her favourite English song. She can sing very well and she even teaches me sing this song.

I am a happy girl. I like listening to music, too. like playing pingpong . I love my parents and they love me, too.








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