My father's job 我爸爸的工作

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My father's job

My father is a nice man. He likes to play computer games. He is an owner of a factory which produces many things .He is good at designing. He works very hard. I love him very much because, sometimes, I can help him to do something in his factory .He is always on business trips because he has his business everywhere so it takes up too much of his time . Therefore, he doesn’t have any time to play with me but I don’t blame him for that. I often spend a lot of my time on the computer, so I have something to do. My mother is usually on the phone and tells my father to get home early but my father doesn’t listen to her. So my mother and I sometimes are upset and I don’t like my father in a sense that he always gets home late.
I love my father but not his job!


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