My university, my dream 我的大学,我的梦

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"University", a beautiful word, which makes me have much imagination. As the name "ivory tower" given by people, it's a good place to live and study. In the ivory tower, romantic love just like cherry blossom smiles happily in the campus.

Many girls have the sweet dream that one day there is a boy who stands below the windows loud annoucing "I love you", holding a bound of flowers in his hands. But the most important things is that I can receive the advanced education systematically, listen to the senior professors experience, attend many dourses of lectures. To my pleasant, I can be free to spend a whole day in the library and read every book that I'd like, which makes me find the knowledge is vast considerably. All these let me climb up in the field of science. At the same time, the people from many parts of motherland get together. It's a big furnace involved dialects and cluture. It's interesting.

I can find a part time job to experience the life, which is a good way of contacting society. In short, there're many things waiting for me to learn, and this is why I come here to be a university student.






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