My dream isn't far away 我的梦想并不遥远

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In my opinion, the movie “ the pursuit of happyness “ is a meaningful film, the hero of the movie is an active man. Though his life was very hard, his wife left because of the situation of their family.His work was also unfortunate. He never gave up and still work hard.Then he took care of his little son. He is going after happiness all the time, so his life is running . Time is very importmant to him, he must finish his task on time , or he wouldn't live a steady life , he has to pay the rent and taxes and so on, but he insist on taking every chance to make his life live better and he believe in himself. Finally, he succeed , his part of life in the movie is moving and real.

I also like the song in the movie very much, it says “ the mountains have high places and low places ……”

Everyone has a dream, if you work as hard as the hero of the movie , your dream will come ture, so I will learn from the hero ---Chris Gardner.

And I believe my dream isn’t far away!






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