On computers 关于电脑

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wars and about Oscar. Some of us use computers to do some drawings, to make up interesting flashes. And some of us use them to play games. If we are tired and want to take a short rest, playing games for a while is OK. But it’s forbidden that we spend hours and hours on the games. There is also someone using computers to talk with people in the Internet and even falling in love with him or her. The Internet is not a real world and we can’t tell lies from truths. So falling in love with somebody on the Internet is not safe and is bad for our study. We should keep ourselves out of it.That’s all I know.Good luck!Yours truly,Li Hua


亲爱的编辑,我写信告诉你如何使用我们在我们的日常生活lives.Most电脑 我们使用计算机来寻找更多关于教科书中的有趣的问题和伊拉克战争有关的信息 关于奥斯卡奖。我们有些人用电脑做一些图纸,以弥补有趣的闪烁。而我们一些使用它们发挥 游戏。如果我们累了,想利用短暂休息,打了一段时间的确定游戏。但它是被禁止的,我们花 几个小时的游戏。也有使用电脑的人倾诉,在互联网的人,甚至下降 爱上了他或她。互联网并不是一个真正的世界,我们不能分辨真理所在。所以,爱上了别人 在互联网上并不安全,是我们学习不好。我们要保持清醒走出it.That氏首先我know.Good运气!你 确实,李华


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