My parents 我的父母

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My father is a doctor and my mother is a nurse,I am their only daughter.Father and Mother work in the same hospital.Father is tall and handsome.As a doctor,he is careful and skillful.His patients trust him,and the nurses,including my mother,are afraid of him, for he is very strict in his work.Mother is a pretty woman.She is proud of Father and ready to follow his orders at any time.

But at home,Father is ready to follow Mother's orders at any time.Mother will tell him to do this or that and heobeys willingly.Both of them are afraid of me and are ready to grant all my wishes,because they love me so affectionately that they wish me to feel happy at any moment.Nevertheless,I am a good girl at home and a goodstudent at college.And I never feel unhappy since Ihave such good parents.





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