My Dream(Teacher) 我的梦想(教师)

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I want to be a teacher when I listen to my teacher carefully. I think I can be a teacher when I grow up. I can help many students learn things well. I can play with my students, too. So we are good friends. I want to be a doctor when I see many doctors save their patients. To be a doctor is really great. I think I can be a doctor when I grow up. Then I can help many people out of danger. I will be the happiest girl in the world. I want to be a reporter when I watch TV every evening. We can get lots of important information from them. They make the world smaller and also make us happy. I would like to be a reporter when I grow up. And I can learn a lot about China and the other countries around the world. I can meet many superstars as well. I have lots of dreams. I think my dreams can come true one day, because there’s an old saying “where there is a will, there is a way.”



当我认真听老师讲课的时候我想成为一名教师。我觉得当我长大后我可以成为一名教师。我可以帮助许多学生好好学习。我还可以和我的学生一起玩。所以我们是朋友。当我看到许多医生拯救病人时 我想成为一名医生。成为医生真的很棒。我觉得当我长大后我可以成为一名医生。然后我可以帮助很多人脱离危险。我将会是这个世界上最开心的女孩。当我每天晚上看电视的时候我想成为一名记者。我们可以从他们身上得到很多重要的信息。他们使世界变小,也使我们变得开心。我愿意成为一名记者当我长大后。然后我可以学习很多关于中国以及世界其他国家的东西。我还可以见到很多巨星。我有很多的梦想。我觉得我的梦想总有一天会成为现实的,因为有句谚语说“有志者事竟成”