• Midsummer Night 仲夏夜日期:2014-03-04

    I like midsummer the most in the whole year. In the day time, it is very hot. It seems that we all live in the hot pan.

  • Among all the sports, I like basketball most. It is both an indoor and outdoor sport. People in everywhere like to play or watch this game.I also like to watch people playing basketball on TV. I often play it with some friends after school

  • Some people love to play badminton, some love to play football, others love swimming, but my favorite sport is basketball. It is very popular in China because of Yao Ming. Because of him, many boys in China get to know about basketball. He

  • In order to keep fit, some teenagers ignore breakfast, they think the less they eat, the fitter they become. It is tota

  • When someone asks me: What is your Chinese dream? I will answer it without any hesitation: to be a good doctor. The rea

  • Guangzhou 广州日期:2014-03-04

    Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong Province. Its a large modern city that develops fast. There are many tall buildings in Guangzhou. Most of them are office buildings. I hope I can work in them one day. The streets are clean and wide. Y

  • Different countries have different customs and different ways to celebrate festival. In our China, we have a variety of festivals, of which celebrating way is different. For example, we will eat mooncake in Mid-autumn Festival and have dra

  • Along with the advance of the society, more and more problems are brought to our attention, one of which is wasting food. As college students, we have the responsibility to do something for it. 随着社会的发展,越来越多的问题引起了我们的注意,其中一个就是浪费食物。作为大学生,我们有责

  • There are always some debates on the importance ofa name. Some people say the name is vital to a person because it can decide whether a person will be successful or not in the future. Furthermore, a positive name can also promote a persons

  • A poilte boy This is my new ciassmate Jack.He is the tallest student in our class. He has black hair and big eyes,so he

  • A Good Deed 一件好事日期:2015-07-15

    Yesterday when Susan was waiting for the bus at a bus stop, she saw a purse lying on the ground. She picked it up and o

  • Each of us should stay healthy, which is the foundation of our activities. Here are some ways to stay healthy. First, w

  • I have a dog. He is my favorite pet. He is very lovely. His name is Peter and he is two years old. His fur is long and

  • Summer Holiday Plan My holiday life will be busy but interesting. I am going to do my homework every day so that I can

  • Dear Amy, Long time no see. How is everything going? I am writing to tell you a good new about me. I received my high s

  • Dear Jim, Last Sunday my classmates and I went to Xiangshan Park. We met at 7 oclock at the school gate. The weather in

  • Dear Lucy, I am so glad to receive your letter and happy to know that you have a pleasant holiday. Please send my since

  • My parents 我的父母日期:2014-03-04

    My father is a doctor and my mother is a nurse,I am their only daughter.Father and Mother work in the same hospital.Fat

  • A Warm Family 温暖的家日期:2014-03-04

    My father is very busy, but he doesnt forget to accompany me. When he is free, he helps me do my homework. On holidays

  • My favorite holiday is New Year.Its a very important festival in Chinese cultrue.In fact,its the highlight of the year.

  • I am not fond of basketball,let alone to play it.But I have seen a wonderful basketball game between my class and postg

  • Chinese New Year is coming soon! Im going to buy some new clothes. Then Im going to put on new clothes. We are going to

  • l had just planned what am l going to in my hoilday a few days ago. First, l am going to play with my friends and do ho

  • Preparations for the Chinese New Year in old China start well in advance of the New Years Day. The 24th of the twelfth

  • When we have formed the good study habit, we learn things quickly and remember things easily. Do you sometimes copy oth

  • my holiday 我的假期日期:2014-03-04

    Im going to the sun on my holiday. I will go there by a spaceship. I will take a big blue spaceship. Then Ill pilot the

  • Early Rising Early rising benefits us in many ways. First, it helps to keep us fit. We all need fresh air. But air is n

  • 作文一 We have a good English teacher.His name is Bruce. He comes from Britain, about forty years old. He is tall and thin

  • On computers 关于电脑日期:2014-03-04

    wars and about Oscar. Some of us use computers to do some drawings, to make up interesting flashes. And some of us use

  • A Letter for Help Dear Uncle, How are you? Next week an English speaking contest will be held in the city. A classmate

  • My name is Beth. Im 14 years old, and I study in No. 1 Middle School of Huian. My school is very big and beautiful. I\m

  • My room 我的房间日期:2014-03-04

    : Open the door,oh,the room is very beautiful!Whose room is this?Its my room. 打开门,哦,房间很漂亮!这是谁的房间?这是我的房间。 The bed is nea

  • Good Health 健康日期:2014-03-04

    There is nothing complicated about eating a proper diet. For good health, eat a variety of foods. Do not eat the same f

  • Once I was in Beijing, I went shopping in the Front Gate Walking Street, for I wanted to buy some souvenirs for my frie

  • Dear Friend, Im writing this letter to express my congratulations that you are going to get married. You cant imagine h

  • Hello, everyone. My English name is Sisi .I am a middle school student. My favorite animals are dolphins and rabbits. I

  • Dear Robert, Im glad to receive your letter. Now I will tell you something about my plan for summer vacation after the

  • Dear Professor Wang, On behalf of the Student Union of the English Department, Im writing to invite you to give us a sp

  • As students, we all want to get high scores in exams, which requires us trying our best to work. However, some students

  • Since we were born, many people help us a lot. We should be grateful to their kindness. But the ones we should show our