The first time of eating buffet 第一次吃自助餐

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The first time of eating buffet

This morning,my bset friend XiaoLuo called me out for buffet dinner. I have never gone to eat buffet before.

we met at the gate of buffet restaurant of HanTingXuan near the Center square in GuiLin downtown at 11 am.After buying tickets we went into therestaurant excitedly.As a food junkie,to be honest,I was totally stunned by a whole bunch of delicious!grill,hamburger,cake,sushi,drinks,seafood,iscream,hotpot,ect. In total, I ate four piece of cake,five sushis,a plate of grill,an iscream,a cup of lemon juice,five dumplings,a fly rice,a cup of pudding,a plate of fruit sala,some popcorn,two puffs and some Canonese Dim Sum.After two hours eating,I felt extreamely stuffed that my belly were going almost burst !To relieve stomach tension,then we hang around the town.

Stuffed and tired,but I felt very happy!