If you could only choose one book 如果我只能选择一本书

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Jessy Cao
Fourth Grade
Spreckels Elementary

“If all the books in the world were about to disappear, but you could save one,what would it be? Why?”

If I had to choose one book and all the others would disappear, what book would I choose?

I would probably choose the encyclopedia because if all of the books in the world really were gone, what would you do? Would you waste your time reading fiction books that don’t help us at all, that just amuse us?

I chose the encyclopedia because it teaches me stuff that I don’t know.There are things you probably don’t know in the encyclopedia. That’s one of the reasons why I would choose the encyclopedia.

The second reason is that it’s a long book. It would probably take me (if it was all the volumes jammed into one) two weeks to read it, and I’m a fast reader! The benefit of this is: I’ll be amused for longer. Usually it takes me a pretty short time to get bored of a book. But the encyclopedia is…well, it’s a pretty long book and the print is small (and the book is still fat) so the first time I read it, I’ll be sure to miss something. Then I can read it again and find what I missed.

The third reason is: it’s an educational book (well, kind of). You can study in class if you don’t have a textbook anymore, even though finding what you need to search up may be a little challenging.

These are all reasons I would choose the encyclopedia. Though it’s long (some people think it’s boring), it’s informative, and that’s what counts…for me.

I hope you liked my essay and all my reasons. I would choose the encyclopedia as the last book in the world. But people will write new books…right?