The person I love most 我最爱的人

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My mother is a virtuous wife and good mother.She has medium height and beautiful face.She is a generous,good natured and warm-hearted woman.She looks like actor Zhong Li Ti.

My mother has retired now.She lives on pension/social welfare and lives with us.She is good at cooking,often treat us lavish dinner,consisting of different dishes form various provinces.I like eat my mother dishes very much.

She likes watch TV.My mother and I like to visit relatives together.Sometimes we go shopping together.

When I have trouble that she always encourage me to do our best,she used to say “It don’t matter if you win or not.The important thing is to do your best and keep going”.

East,West,Home is the best.I wish my mother has a happy life every day.I love my mother.It is a Chinese tradition to respect the children and support the elderly.