Mobile Telephone on Campus 校园里的手机

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Mobile Telephone on Campus





With the development of science and technology,mobile telephone becomes more and more popular.Even the students on campus begin to use mobile telephone.Is it a good or bad thing?Mobile telephone,on the one hand,is good to the students. For one thing,it enables them to keep in touch with their friends and family more conveniently and quickly. For another, it can make the students fashionable and proud.

On the other hand,mobile telephone has a negative effect on the students.First,it will cost them more money than before.Second,it will distract them from their study.Third ,it will sometimes become a nuisance especially when it rings in class or in the library.

In my opinion,it is not good for the students on campus to use mobile telephone. Since the student' main purpose on campus is to study,they should pay much attention to their study.If they want to use mobile telephone,they can use it after graduation.