One possible version 一个可能的版本

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1. 安慰孤寡老人

2. 人与动物和谐相处,增添生活情趣

1. 造成环境污染

2. 吵闹声,甚至伤人




One possible version

Recently we have had a heated discussion on whether people should keep pets at home in cities. Some students think it’s a good idea to keep pets because old people who live alone at home can get some comfort from pets. Besides, getting along well with animals will make our life interesting. On the contrary, the other students are against the idea. In their opinion, if too many people keep pets at home, it is bad for the environment. What is worse, pets may make too much noise and even attack people.

I like animals, so I don’t think it is bad to keep pets at home. But we must take some measures to prevent them from polluting our environment or causing other troubles.