Traveling 外出旅游

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ID card, passport


sweater, coat, walking, shoes


medicine, umbrella, vacuum bottle(热水瓶)


mobile phone, compass


guidebook, map, magazine

Other things

camera, CD player, Mp3

While traveling, I always take the following things with me, which are my ID card, a camera, a compass, a CD player and some clothes. I think the ID card is a basic and necessary document, and it is a must for tourists wherever they go. The camera is used to take pictures or record what we have done during the trip, and it can bring us a lot of fun. The compass is very essential for us to travel in the forests. Without it, we may get lost. And then the CD player, I think, is also very important for me to kill the time when on the train or the plane. What’s more, I have to bring one or two coats when traveling to a different place. In a word, among all the above, I think the ID card is the most important.