A complaint letter to one neighbour 对邻居的投诉信

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A complaint letter to one neighbour

Auguest 14th,2008.

Dear Mr. John ,

I'm one of your neighbours.And I'm now writing and behave of the resident 's association to complain about your making noises.You disterb others' normal lifes.

Since you moved in the building three months ago we have received many complaints about your bad behaviors. According to the complaints you have shown very little consideration for the other residents of the building.For example ,you often turned on the music very loudly till late.Furthermore every weekend your extremely noisey partys last until the early hours of the next morning so that other residents can not have a good rest.Much words though some residents have talked to you about the noise you made your behavior has no improvement.

A harmony community's life needs every resident's effert.Of course you are no exception.We hope you can realise and stop your improper behavior as soon as possible.Unless you do something to improve the present situation,we will have no other choice but to take legal action.

Your's sincerely