Learn to Be Grateful 学会感恩

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Nowadays, quite a few college students lack conciousness of being grateful. They turn to take such things for granted, as parents supporting them, teachers helping them, and waiters serving them. They are even mean to say "Thank you" to others. This phenomenon has caused great attention from the whole society.

The following reasons can account for the lack of gratefulness conciousness. First of all, unsound family education plays an important role. Many parents turn to pay too much attention to children's academic performance, but ignore their value orientation. Moreover, schools don't input enough time and money in moral education. Besides, nowadays, college students get so much love that they are insenstive to others' care and help.

Considering the seriousness of the problem, it is high time to take effective measures to strengthen college students conciousness of being grateful. First, parents should improve self-quality and influence children by their own behaviors. Second, our society and schools must increase input in moral education, and try to build the atmosphere of being grateful. Finally, we college students should learn to express our gratefulness to people around us, just beginning from the simple "Thank you".