My Toy 我的玩具

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I have a toy, my father buys it to me as my birthday present, I like it so much. My toy is Bobby, she is so beautiful, I watch her everyday, I like her golden hair and blown eyes. Bobby is my best friend, I talk to her every night, I will tell her all my secrets. My father says Bobby is like my sister.

When my birthday comes, my father buys me a book as my birthday present. The book is called Snow White, it tells a story about a beautiful princess who is driven out her home by the new queen, princess Snow White is saved by the prince and they defeat the queen. I like the book so much, I wish I have a prince, too.

One day, my father comes home after work, he tells me he wants to give me a surprise, I am so happy. My father asks me guess what it is, I say out many answers, but none is right, finally, he takes out a Bobby toy, when I see this, I am so excited, I like it very much. I kiss dad and say“you are the best daddy”.