My Rabbits 我的小兔子

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  One day, my mother bought two little rabbits for me. I’m very happy.
  From that moment on, the two little rabbits became my good friends. They have two little ears, red eyes, with white and fat boby. They’re marvellous.
  Everyday, they play with each other happily. One day, I couldn’t find them. I asked my mother: ”Where are they? ” My mother told me that She didn’t know. At last, I found them in the grass. They were very dirty. I was angry, but when I looked at their lovely faces, I was happy again.
  I love my little rabbits, and they love me. They are my good friends forever.
1.bought v.购买,购得( buy的过去式和过去分词 )
2.marvellous adj.不可思议的;惊奇的;极好的;绝妙的
3.grass 草地,草坪;
4.dirty 肮脏的;
5.forever adv.永远;不断地,无休止地;