Sky in my hometown 家乡的天空

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When I was very young ,the sky in my hometown was nice and beautiful, the sky was very blue,and the air was fresh. There were some birds singing ,and there were many trees in the fields. I often played with my friends in the open air.I liked it.

Now the people are rich ,but the sky in my hometown isn't blue .the trees were cut down , and there aren't many birds. And the air isn't fresher than before. The rubbish is put here and there, it was bad for our health.So we must do something to protect the environment. If we make a contribution to protecting the environment,the sky will become much more beautiful.





1.fresher 新鲜,鲜
2.beautiful 美丽的,美好的;
3.rubbish 垃圾;碎屑;废物;
4.environment 环境

词组解析: the open air 在户外,在野外 with 同…一起玩;